Starting A blog: Lesson 1

So, here’s the first thing I’ve learnt since starting my blog all of 10 days ago:

Make sure you know what your blog theme offers you!

I, incorrectly, assumed that one WordPress theme was much like another, they just looked different. How wrong was I! They all offer slightly different functions and, depending on what you want from your blog, create a different environment. I initially chose a theme I liked on face value, but in retrospect, it didn’t quite provide the function or feel that I wanted for my blog. Talk about jumping in the deep end.  So I’ve changed it, sooner rather than later, so as to cause the minimal amount of disruption to those of you who have very generously decided to follow me. I hope you like it.

The second thing I’ve learnt since starting my blog about my book writing is this:

I haven’t had time to write my book!

One of the reasons I started this blog was to help me maintain my writing progress. How can I blog about my book and my writing if I’m not actually writing it? The more interaction I have with the writing community the more I want to write. I was fully aware that it would take some time to get the blog up and running. But I haven’t written one sentence of my book since the blog was launched! Time management is going to be key if I want to maintain my writing pace for the book and create a successful and interesting blog. I need to set targets for each and stick to them.

The third thing I’ve learnt in my 10 days as a blogger is:

How amazing is the writing community!

Ultimately, we’re all in competition with each other. We all want to write in some way or fashion, and we all want to succeed. But the writing community is a rare gem in that we don’t compete with each other. It’s a community I’m proud to be a part of.  We support and encourage one another in a way that I’ve never come across before. It’s like we’re in it together, one writers’ success is a success for us all. As long as there are people that want to read there are those of us that will always want to write, not for money or fame, but for the love of the written word. Wielded well, the pen is as mighty as the sword, as sharp as a knife and as gentle as a kiss. That’s what I’m chasing, what I’m hoping to achieve, and I’m glad to have you all with me in my endeavours.

Happy writing, peeps!




  1. The honeymoon is over baby! I am running around following people and I’ve lost track of how I can even follow people. Some blogspot sites offer google plus as a way to follow but then I don’t even know how to find these blog updates! Then when I do find the updates I can’t keep up and comment on everything. I need a break :S


  2. If you go to your WordPress dashboard, in the list pane on the left you’ll see “Blogs I follow” & they’re all in there, even if they’re not WordPress blogs. And what I try to do if I can’t respond immediately is have a couple mornings a week to catch up and comment, or “Like” the comments so your followers know you’ve read it an appreciate it. Pace yourself, hun, don’t burn out 🙂


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